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Life is better with beans

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Enjoy the wholesome taste of

whole, unrefined  plant food! 

We believe in the real stuff that nature intended--without refined sugar, oils and extracted proteins--to bring you the nutrients that your body needs and the yumminess your taste buds crave!

100% organic,

fair-trade cacao

& no added sugar 


Heart Disease Risk

  • several studies have shown that eating beans can help lower total and LDL cholesterol and other risk factors for heart disease. 

  • researchers found a 38% reduced chance of heart attack with the consumption of only 1/3 cup of beans/day--that's about what you get in one whole-food WellBean.

Cancer Risk

  • bean intake has been associated with a decreased risk of breast, stomach, colorectal, kidney, and prostate cancers.

  • beans contain bioactive compounds--flavonoids, tannins, phenolic compounds, and other antioxidants--all of which have been found to decrease risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Diabetes Risk

  • eating beans has been found to help improve glucose management via several mechanisms (e.g., fiber content and satiety).

  • one study found people consuming a high-legume diet experienced a significant decrease in HbA1c and reduced their calculated heart disease risk scores.


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