•  Vegan
  •  Gluten-free
  •  High-fiber
  •  Great source of plant protein
  •  NO added sugar
  •  Excellent source of antioxidants
  •  Whole-food ingredients
  •  A 1/2 serving of beans
  •  A 1/2 serving of fruit
  •  WFPB-friendly
  •  SOS-free

German Chocolate Pecan Nuggets 6oz


Celebrate with the WellBean nugget based on cofounder Caroline's favorite birthday Cake! Now YOU can enjoy the incredible melding of chocolate, pecan, and coconut in the world's only whole-food bean-based bite-sized morsel.


Made from nutrient- and fiber-rich black beans, each serving of nuggets contains 1/2 serving of beans, fruit, and nuts.


WellBean Nuggets are bite-sized nibbles nestled in a resealable package. So you can take out a nugget or two and save the rest for later (willpower not included).


If you're like one of the founders of WellBean, you prefer bite-sized morsels to traditional bars. And if you're like both WellBean founders, you love a truly healthy snack. And that's just what you'll get with German Chocolate Pecan Nuggets.


Fill yourself with WellBean. :-)

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