•  Vegan
  •  Gluten-free
  •  High-fiber
  •  Great source of plant protein
  •  No added sugar
  •  Excellent source of antioxidants
  •  Whole-food ingredients
  •  A 1/2 serving of beans
  •  A 1/2 serving of fruit
  •  WFPB-friendly
  •  ORAC score: 3,824*
  •  What's ORAC?


*based on published values for oxygen radical absorbance capacity


Chocolate Chip Walnut 10-pack bars


Navy beans appear to help reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, likely due to their high fiber content.


An interesting study published in Global Pediatric Health found that children with abnormal blood cholesterol who ate a muffin or smoothie containing 17.5 grams of navy bean powder every day for four weeks had improved levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.


Who needs white flour, butter, and sugar when you can have a delicious vegan snack bar--and get some beans and fruit, to boot?


Chocolate Chip Walnut WellBean--your kids will never know they just got a 1/2 serving of navy beans!

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