The Making of WellBean

The founders of WellBean had one thing in mind when they sat down to contrive their bean-

You might find bars of every ilk in any given 10-pack of WellBean.

based snack bars--to help folks eat more beans. They weren't looking to make the prettiest bar or even the tastiest bar--they wanted to spread the word about the myriad health benefits of legumes and provide an easy and healthy way for people to get more of them into their diet.

To that end, WellBean was founded in Patty's certified cottage kitchen. And though we have since moved to a small commercial kitchen, our beancentric bars and nuggets are still made by hand in small batches .

While the "whole-food hand-crafted" nature of WellBean may look good on paper, in practice these attributes pose a number of challenges.

Made entirely of whole plant foods

They might be oddly shaped, but each bar or pouch of nuggets contains at least as much WellBean as stated on the label.

For instance, did you know WellBean bars and nuggets don't contain added sugars? That's right, no syrups or nectars--all the sweetness in WellBean comes from fruit. This, combined with our desire to provide 1/2 serving of beans in every serving, means WellBean might be experienced as dry, even crumbly, by some eaters.

As many of you already know, sweet syrups like agave, maple syrup, and honey are not health foods, though they sure add a lot of moisture! WellBean relies on organic California dates for sweetness and moisture, and we've noticed that some dates are more moist than others, Not surprisingly, a dryish date makes for a dry bar, so we're working with our supplier to make sure we get the "juiciest" dates possible.


Have you ever wondered why your WellBean bars and nuggets are sometimes a little rough around the edges? Perhaps you've noticed some unorthodox shapes or two short bars in one long package of WellBean. Maybe you've thought to yourself, what on earth is wrong with their heat sealer???

Each bar is hand-sealed. . .

These irregularities in product and packaging are due the fact that WellBean are hand crafted--you won't find any heavy duty extruders or long slab lines installed in our small kitchen. In fact, the most high-falutin' piece of equipment we have is an 8 qt. counter-top Kitchen Aid mixer!

Even though WellBean comes in some rather unconventional shapes, we weigh each bar or pouch of nuggets to make sure our customers are getting what they paid for.

Form over function

...and some turn out better than others!

We realize there are lots of snack bars out there, and many of them are, like WellBean, entirely plant-based. And while there are an increasing number of bean-based snacks to choose from, as of this writing, WellBean is the only bean-based bar made entirely from whole foods.

We hope our customers will overlook WellBean's superficial abnormalities and appreciate our bars and nuggets for their ability to provide you with more health-promoting beans--and tickle your taste buds at the same time!

Fill yourself with WellBean. :-)

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