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How to Avoid Keto Crotch

woman with keto crotch

What the….? Keto crotch? Is that a real thing? Apparently it is, dear reader, for this keyword phrase is hotly trending on google right now.

Keto crotch is just like it sounds—a strange smell emanating from the vagina of a woman unlucky enough to be in ketosis (possibly because she is starving but most likely due to misguided dietary information).

I won’t go into the details of a ketogenic diet here except to say that this type of diet style relies mostly on fat and protein as primary sources of calories. This is definitely a low-carb diet.

But how do you avoid keto crotch?

The easiest way to keep your vagina from exuding undesirable keto-related odors is to follow, instead, the way of eating most strongly associated with health and longevity.

While you can lose weight on a keto or low-carb diet, long-term health is compromised (along with the aforementioned odiferous side effects).

Bean-rich versus Low-carb for weight loss

Back in 2014, some researchers decided to find out which was better at reducing obesity—a bean-rich diet or a low-carb diet. In end, the bean eaters and low-carb eaters both lost weight, but only the bean-rich diet lowered atherogenic lipids (they experienced drops in LDL and total cholesterol).

The moral of the story

You can lose weight on a keto diet, but to avoid keto crotch, increase disease resistance, and live longer, stock your pantry with whole-food carbs. Beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are all linked to health and longevity—plus they have the added benefit of decreasing susceptibility to the dreaded keto crotch!

To learn more about why beans are so good for you, check out this blog post.

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